Application Check List

Thank you for your interest to apply for an apartment with Boston Property Management.


In order to approve your application, we need the following documents from you.

Once approved we will create a lease that you will sign online through DocuSign. All upfront costs will be collected online through our PayLease / WebAccess website.


What we need before you move in:

Boston Property Management – 500 Victory Road – 3rd  floor – Quincy, MA 02171 – (617) 282-1400 x 1



Download PDF Version

Guaranty of Lease

Not everyone needs a “guaranty of lease”. Please only fill it out if you have the following situation.

The guaranty of lease is needed if you are a student or have a low credit score. In these cases, please fill out the form with your co-signer and have it notarized. We will also need a recent pay stub or bank account statement from the guarantor to confirm the ability to pay your rent if needed.

Guaranty of Lease PDF