With more than 15 years in the property management field, Mr. Cohen delivers a great deal of experience leading the team at Boston Property Management.  Mr. Cohen oversees all of the daily responsibilities of running the property management team as well as interacting with the portfolio of clients.  Mr. Cohen strives to ensure that all of the portfolio properties and associations are performing optimally and continually looking for ways to improve operations and service to benefit the end user.  Mr. Cohen began his career in the property management field with his own firm, where he successfully managed ten distinct multi-family properties throughout Greater Boston. Through dedication and hard work, Mr. Cohen, through Boston Property Management, now oversees a portfolio of more than 900 units with an asset value in excess of $250 million.

As CEO of Boston Property Management, Mr. Cohen is involved in all of the day to day operations; including marketing, staffing, budgeting, field work supervision and fiscal oversight. Mr. Cohen’s focus is to apply his experience to provide a product that sets the standard for the industry and to continue to look for ways to expand their service platform.

Jon graduated from Northeastern University in 2003 with a dual major in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.